Take the navel of the world in your HEART Lleva al ombligo del mundo en tu CORAZÓN

We are a tour operator agency, a company created with the firm objective of promoting the culture of our ancestors, nature, archeology and adventure. Those who visit this beautiful land take home the best memories with the best quality of services we offer and personalized attention, provided by our competent professional staff which is completely committed to our visitors.

TRAVELING WITH CHULLOS S.A.C. It is a duly constituted company, we have the authorizations and the registrations according to law.


Personalized service.

From the moment you arrive in our city our staff will be at your disposal, where you can ask them the questions you see as convenient, they will provide you with all the necessary information, recommendations. It will make you feel at home and you will have a friend from the first moment until your farewell.

Tours totally flexible and according to the taste of the tourist.

All the packages we offer, has the facility to be modified as you wish so we can satisfy all your needs and have an unforgettable visit such as: schedules, dates, duration of the tours, accommodations, activities, etc. We are here to satisfy you and help you. Hotels and restaurants.

Thinking about your comfort and well-being, we work with hotels according to your previously coordinated needs, the restaurants duly selected with the typical meals of the area, plus you can enjoy live shows, so you can appreciate and admire a little more about the Rich Andean culture, it will make your food much more delicious.

Easy and fast booking.

From the first moment you contact us and we receive your request, we will provide information and quick answers from our staff. You will receive a preliminary of the requested itinerary, where you can modify to your liking and according to your needs. Once you have decided on the tour or the services you requested, we will send you our reservation form and instructions for the first payment (40%). We will send you the final itinerary and with all the necessary and detailed information in the next 3 days, such as: schedules, hotels, train schedules, recommendations, etc. We will attach the invoice of the first payment (40%).

Secure and easy payments

After having the final itinerary with all the needs met, we will request a first payment of 40% of the total cost. The remaining amount must be made 15 days before your arrival in the city of Cusco, We accept all cards through PAYPAL, VISA, also deposits to our bank accounts. The commission costs are included in the total amount of the tour.


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